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Friday, May 23, 2008


My Special Advices : "Tried & True "

When you become a new parent , you're born again.
You will not eat as usual : you'll feel interrupted at every lunch , brunch , dinner!!
You will need help to take a bath : somebody has got to stay by the baby when doing so !!!
Your sleep will be disrupted: you'll wake up every 3hours , 2 hours , 1 hour and even half an hour !!!
You can't go out alone : you will always have company!!!
You'll throw out very often : some parents become sick whenever they're changing a diaper or whenever their child vomits.
Ok , then you're turning into a child again .. So , learn some basics …
What's the best way to give my baby a bath?
Here's how to do it and what you'll need to make baby-bathing easy. With any luck, his bath will become one of the most enjoyable parts of your days together:
1. Assemble all necessary bath accessories.
2. Fill the tub with 2 to 3 inches of water that feels warm but not hot,
3. Bring your baby to the bath area and undress him completely.
4. Gradually slip your baby into the tub, using one hand to support his neck and head. Pour cupfuls of bath water over him regularly during the bath so he doesn't get too cold.
5. Use soap sparingly (it dries your baby's skin) as you wash him with your hand or a washcloth from top to bottom, front to back. Wash his scalp with a wet, soapy cloth. Use a moistened cotton ball to clean his eyes and face. As for your baby's genitals, a routine washing is all that is needed. If dried mucus has collected in the corner of your baby's nostrils or eyes, dab it several times with a small section of a moistened washcloth to soften it before you wipe it out.
6. Rinse your baby thoroughly with a clean washcloth.
7. Wrap your baby in a hooded towel and pat him dry. If his skin is dry, or if he has a bit of diaper rash, you may want to apply a mild lotion after his bath
How can I tell why my baby is crying?
Hungry :Once you learn to recognize the signs that your baby wants to eat —he'll fuss, make noises, and root around for your breast if you pick
him up. You should check to see if he's hungry . If so , he'll stop once his stomach is full. He needs a fresh diaper .Some babies let you know
right away when they need to be changed.
Others don't mind when their diapers are soiled. Either way, this one is easy to check and simple to remedy.He's too cold or hot .Newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm. (As a rule, they need to be wearing one more layer than you need to be comfortable.)
So when your baby feels cold, like when you remove his clothes to change her, he'll express his discomfort by crying. You'll learn how to quickly change a diaper and wrap your baby back up. DON’T OVERDRESS HIM .
He Wants To Be Held: Babies need a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents' faces, hear their voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and can even detect their unique smell (especially Mom's milk). After being fed, burped, and changed, many babies simply want to be held.
HE’S NOT FEELING GOOD: The cry of a sick baby tends to be distinct from the hunger or frustration cry, and you'll soon learn when your baby's cries "just don't sound right" and he needs to be taken to the doctor.

There you go … now you know how to bathe a child , and why he's crying ..
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